Welcome to Awesomeville.    Population.... ME!


Awesomeness: The quality of being awesome. Impressive. An overwhelming amount of awesomenimity. Inspiring awe. Remarkable. In other words... ME.


Welcome to my personal web page. I wanted to create a place to teach, preach and inspire... but all I have is this generic cookie cutter webpage to show myself off.

I am a business man, a comedian, a marketing genius, a drinking buddy, a bad ass trick shot artist, a strategist, a salesman, an athlete, and an all around cool guy.

As a marketing and sales guy I believe that to be successful you have to have fun. I'm pretty sure you will get that impression as you look through my site. While having a prim and proper website and picture of me in a 3-piece suit would probably be more "professional," I don't believe that image is best suiting of who I am and what I do. I'm successful because of my outgoing personality, fun approach and lame jokes.

Check out the rest my website to learn more...